David Renda's Recent Projects

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Shiken 07/2020

I had the pleasure of working with Alex Young on his upcoming app called "Shiken". A game quiz app much like Kahoots except for medical students with the intent to make learning for exams quick, easy and fun.  I was tasked with creating two tracks. The lobby music, which could double as the main brand theme, and a countdown theme, which could play while the user is being quizzed. In addition, the game required sound effects for both correct and incorrect answers as well as a meditative breathing loop to calm users. All of which you can listen to below.


Tavern Heroes 05/2020

Tavern Heroes, now titled "Tails of Fate", is an indie fantasy adventure game being developed for the Nintendo switch store. The developers asked me to create the main theme music for the game. I was given music to reference and after some time of tweaking delivered what they needed. You can listen to the progress of the music below. I've also attached some game play footage as well.


A.R.M.  Absolutely Reliable Machine 10/2019

A.R.M. is a free to play indie game developed by NevertheLess Studios which is available on the steam store. I was asked to create the main menu music along with trailer music for the game. I've linked both for you to check out below along with game play footage.